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At St Mary Magdalen’s Junior School, we strive to ensure students have a well-rounded repertoire of skills in a variety of media and can draw on inspiration from a number of international artists for Art and Design Technology (DT). Art and DT are blocked off each term so students can wholey focus on building the skills needed to create their pieces. Students learn about a variety of artists from all over the world, both classical and modern, and use the artists’ techniques to inspire them when creating their own projects. We are committed to ensuring students take pride in their work and are able to share it with others. After each Art/DT week, students’ work is put on display in a school-wide exhibition for parents and carers to see. 


The curriculum is divided into three sections: Exploring and Developing Ideas, Skills, and Work of Other Artists. Each Art/DT week incorporates elements from all three sections to ensure students are fully meeting curriculum outcomes. 

  • Exploring and Developing Ideas- Each student has a sketchbook to practice skills and do draft work for projects. 
  • Skills- Students are given skills to focus on for each project. These skills work towards developing their abilities in the following areas: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Collage, Textiles, and Printing. 
  • Work of Other Artists- Students learn about Artists from different time periods to get inspiration, develop techniques, and gain an appreciation for art. Students will develop an opinion and be able to express why they like/dislike various art pieces. 



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Design Technology:

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