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Computing at St Mary Magdalen's

“A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.” (DfE, 2014).


At St Mary Magdalen's, we aim to teach the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. We aim to provide pupils with an ambitious computing curriculum that is planned and sequenced coherently allowing them to develop upon their knowledge and skills in each year of their education.

Internet Safety 

At the centre of our provision is the importance of educating our pupils to be safe online. This includes minimising the risks of using online resources including being exposed to inappropriate content and being subjected to harmful interaction. 

To ensure safe use of the internet in school, we subscribe to LGFL’s security settings to prevent pupils accessing unsuitable material. The secure ICT network prevents children accessing inappropriate information and blocks websites that are not appropriate for learning, for example, Facebook. Pupils use child-friendly search engines, for example, Kiddle or Primary School ICT to ensure their search results are filtered. Parents are asked if they agree to their child using the internet. Pupils are not left unattended whilst online and teachers ensure that this does not happen. If teachers know of misuse, either by a teacher or child the issue should be reported to the headteacher without delay and our safeguarding procedures should be followed. 


Pupils at St Magdalen’s are taught what appropriate behaviour looks like so they are able to express themselves in a way that does not harm themselves or others when they use the internet. They learn what actions they should take when they see something online that worries them. Each year, we celebrate Safer Internet Day and embedded into all computing lessons are the SMART rules of internet safety. Watch the full movie to find out more about the SMART rules of internet safety. 

Child Net - Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew


Computing is embedded into other subject areas enabling pupils to become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology so they are prepared for the future workplace and to be participants in a digital world. 

On a weekly basis, computing is taught as a discrete subject. Our curriculum is supported by resources provided by 3BM Education Services and meets the objectives outlined by the Department for Education. The 3BM team have produced a fully comprehensive computing scheme of work which covers Year 3 through to Year 6. Objectives within strands of computer science, information technology and digital literacy are taught in each year group and quality assured platforms such as LGFL Resources as well as equipment such as MBoTs are used to develop pupils’ computing skills. The teachers at St Mary’s Magdalen’s adapt this planning to meet the needs of their class. 

Pupils are taught to understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. They analyse problems such as incomplete algorithms in computational terms and gain practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems. They use hardware such as computers and iPADs and new or unfamiliar technologies such as mBots and micro-bits as well as software such as Scratch to analytically solve problems. They collect data and present it in a way that is meaningful using software. They are encouraged to be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology who are discerning in evaluating digital content.


Our school boasts a high-quality ICT suite where pupils can develop and utilise the endless capabilities of technology through the World Wide Web. Our computers have up-to-date Microsoft software which allows them to bring their ideas to life.  Each key stage has its own set of class iPADS. 

Online Resources 

All pupils at St Mary Magdalen's have  a username and password to access a number of online resources that support their education. These include: 

LGFL resources

Times Tables Rock Stars

Education City

More information for parents about using Education City can be found at: Education City Information

Please contact the school office if your child needs a username and password to access these sites. Our school website is a rich source of information and each year group has its own learning page where resources can be accessed at home. 

 SMM Learning Page

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a simple and effective way for teachers to share resources and distribute tasks, including home learning, to their pupils. It can be accessed from any device connected to the internet – laptops, desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.

At St Mary Magdalen's, we are introducing Google Classroom for all students, in order to support learning at home. Your child's teacher will call you with your child's username and password to log on to Google Classroom. Please make a note of this. They will also give you a Class Code, which students will use to join their class.

Please use the instructions and videos below to set up Google Classroom, using the details given to you by the class teacher:


Video - How to sign in 

Video - How to join class 

Video - How to submit work