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Humanities at St Mary Magdalen's

The  intent of our Humanities curriculum at  St Mary Magdalen’s Junior School is to deliver a History and Geography curriculum which is accessible to all. We aim through our teaching and learning that we will maximise the outcomes for every child, so that they know more knowledge and skills, remember more and understand more.

Throughout their Humanities journey the children will :

  • Develop and increase their History and Geography skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Develop and use their skills in enquiry, analysis, evaluation and argument.
  •  Develop a sense of identity through learning about the past.
  • Develop, in History, an interest in the past, arousing their curiosity and motivation to learn.

In Geography they will:

  • Develop a curiosity and interest to explore the world that we live in and its people.
  • Be equipped with geographical skills to develop their knowledge through studying places, people and natural and human environments. 

Through our teaching, we intend to provoke thought, questions and to encourage children to discover answers to their own questions through exploration and research to enable them to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the world and their place in it.  


Useful information and additional resources.

Visits to museums, such as The British Museum, The Museum of London, The Science Museum and the National History Museum,( which also have useful online resources), also helps to enhance and support your child’s Humanities  learning.

BBC Bitesize -History

Twinkl - History Free to parents at the moment

BBC Bitesize - Geography

Twinkl - Geography(free to parents at the moment)

Here are some useful links to support your Humanities. 

For Geography topics such as, Biomes, Settlements, Rivers, Volcanoes, Longitude and Latitude.

BBC Bitesize - Geography

Coxhoe Durham School Geography Resources

National Geographic Kids

Science Kids - Geography


For History there is:

BBC History for Kids

BBC BItesize History

National Geographic Kids - History

Primary Homework - Greece Today

Ancient Greek Games

WW2 History

Coxhoe Durham School History Resources

Museum of the House- Victorian House

Also do not forget resources such as Google maps for Geography and all museums have good resources online, such as, The British Museum, The Museum of London etc.