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At St Mary Magdalen's trips are vital as they extend learning beyond the classroom, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm in young minds. They provide hands-on experiences that bring academic concepts to life, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects like Religious Education, History, Science, and Geography. Additionally, these trips encourage social skills and teamwork, as children interact with peers in new settings. They also help develop independence and confidence, making education more engaging and memorable. Ultimately, school trips are essential for holistic development, combining fun and learning in a way that traditional classroom experiences alone cannot achieve.


During Islam week, every class visited our local Mosque (The Central Mosque of Brent). 

The Travelling Crib - Lambeth Palace 

Year 4 and Year 5 classes went to Lambeth Palace to see The Travelling Crib. The learnt about the Nativity and had the opportunity to speak to the actors as they moved through the immersive experience.  

Science Museum 

Year 4 went to the Science Museum to learn about Forces. 

Go Ape

To celebrate the end of Year 6 and all of their hard work, they went to Go Ape!